The Brights

Bold - Soft - Cool (3 Pack)




- Never apologize for being an ambitious woman.

This 3-pack will be a go-to for every edit! Brighten up your images for that Insta-worthy look on your feed or use it as a first step in editing every session. 


Here's a description of each preset in this pack!

Bright and Bold brightens your images and gives them an instant classic and clean look.

Bright and Soft is a girl's best friend.  This preset not only brightens images but softens skin as well. Thank me later!

Bright and Cool adds an iced chill to your images. Blues stand out strong in the is preset.

**Please note that yellows in this preset are desaturated to eliminate unwanted tones on walls and backgrounds. To adjust yellows, use the HSL color slider in Lightroom.**



(3) RAW Lightroom presets

(3) Mobile presets

How to Use - Instructions Pack


  • The final look of any preset is determined by the way the image was shot in camera. 

  • Some common adjustments are: increase/decrease in exposure or an adjustment of white balance due to different shooting styles (i.e. under/overexposed or warm vs cool).

  • Other edits such as eye sharpening and teeth whitening should still be applied if it is a part of your normal editing process.

**** PLEASE NOTE ****

The Boss Move Collection Pre-sets work ONLY in Adobe Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC desktop and mobile versions.


It is not necessary to have Adobe Lightroom Classic if you only intend to use the presets in mobile. However, your presets will be delivered in a zip-file and it IS NECESSARY to download the zip file to a desktop in order to retrieve any of the presets.

The presets in this pack were created on RAW images but can be used on cell phone or jpeg images as well. Additional adjustments may be necessary.


 *Pre-sets are digital products and are therefore NON-REFUNDABLE.*