Shooting in Manual Ebook

Ever feel like the images you produce with your digital camera never look like the vision that you had in mind for them?  


Do you pretty much "shoot and hope"?  Meaning that you shoot and hope that 2 out of the 20 images are at least in focus and that one of them turns out to be great?


I remember doing just that when I was first starting out.  


Listen, it wasn't that I absolutely sucked at photography.  I just didn't have the knowledge (and ok... maybe courage) to take creative control.  Why?  Well taking creative control meant that I would have to venture out of my comfort zone. My comfort zone consisted of knowing just enough to shoot in auto-assisted modes such as (A) Aperture and (S) Shutter Priority and produce decent enough images to get by.  


Taking creative control meant that I would have to face the big (M).  (Manual Mode).


I was intimidated by the (M) but I knew that for my photography business it was the equivalent of finding Oz.  It held all my dreams of tack sharp images, creamy backgrounds and precise focus on eyelashes and wind-swept hair.  Dramatic right, but so what, it's my vision haha!

Anyhoo, eventually I knew that the time had come to stop letting the camera do the important work for me and that I had to figure it out for myself... and guess what?  It wasn't so bad.  Actually, it was empowering!

The feeling of knowing that I CREATED my style instead of my camera determining it for me made a world of difference in my confidence and ultimately in the images that I've created since.


I want to help you find that same confidence in yourself!  

If you've struggled with the frustration of a delayed shutter and missed capturing that perfect moment.  If you feel limited in your ability to shoot tack sharp images and above all you desperately want to take creative control over the images that you produce, then I'm so happy that you've stumbled across this little piece of my world. 

I've taken the time to reflect on my very own journey and provide you with an easy to understand, step by step guide to getting out of Auto Mode, into Manual and bringing out the best photographer in YOU!

This twenty three page e-book takes you step by step on the journey of learning to shoot in Manual Mode.

Easy to read and more importantly, easy to understand; this book is guaranteed to be an eye opener and change the way you shoot.


Table of Contents:


* Introduction

* Who YOU are

* Shooting with Confidence

* The Exposure Triangle

* Metering

* Back Button Focus

* You Got This

* One Last Thing